Go-Toubun no Hanayome 114 Summary

Go-Toubun no Hanayome 114 Summary was translated by Bakadata.com

Fuutaro: “I came here to see you Yotsuba.”

Yotsuba: “It’s a lie right…? It has to be a lie! This can’t be true!”

Fuutaro says he has been waiting for a while and asks her why she wasn’t here. Yotsuba thought that there was no way he would come here.

He lets her eat the Karage he got with the voucher, and confesses to her, “I had decided to eat together with you here.” 

Fuutaro asks Yotsuba’s true feelings.

Yotsuba: “I’m sorry!”

Fuutaro freezes when he hears it, “You know it took quite a courage to come here…I didn’t expect an immediate answers like this…”

Yotsuba says that it’s an honour for her, but for Fuutaro, there must be a more fitting person, and that it would be a waste for him to be with someone like her, she says with a smile. Yotsuba still prioritizes her sisters over herself.

Fuutaro: “Right now, I’m asking your feelings…please tell me” He gets closer to her face and Yotsuba’s face turns red. She runs away from him.

Fuutaro: “You…! I won’t let you escape!”

He can’t catch up to her and encounters Itsuki.

Itsuki: “I saw Yotsuba running that way. I believe that there is only one direction for you to go.”

Fuutaro finds Yotsuba but he stumbles and falls down.

Yotsuba: “Are you alright?”

Fuutaro: “All your sisters are amazing people and I like them a lot. It’s my pride that I was their tutor. But without you, I would have stumbled long ago.”

Yotsuba tears up after hearing it.

Fuutaro: “I’m a weak person so I’m sure I will stumble many more times. It’s a wish from a super lame guy like me, but when I stumble next time, it would make me happy when you’re beside me. It calms me down. I depend on you and I want you to depend on me. So…if you don’t like me then it’s fine, but please tell me how you feel.”

Yotsuba is still crying and tells herself to say that she hates Fuutaro but…

Yotsuba: “I love you. I…can’t lie to you…I’ve always loved you.”

“The feelings she thought she had erased, were too strong and too deep to be erased.”


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