Go-Toubun no Hanayome 112 Summary

Go-Toubun no Hanayome 112 Summary was translated by Bakadata.com

With the culture festival coming to an end, the only thing remaining is the night festival. Itsuki comes back after having talked to Fuutaro, and she still talks in an informal way to her sisters as well, and they tell her that it feels weird considering she always uses formal language. 

Until the promised time, the 5 sisters choose to enjoy the night festival together. They go to the places they want each by each. Ichika gets a ticket she can use in the night festival as she helped to find the lost kid. 

Itsuki thanks Nino and says it’s thanks to her that their father came to the culture festival. 

Yotsuba and Miku talk to each other and say, “Even if they don’t their desired result, it’s 100 times better than living a life of regrets.”

As Itsuki has overcome her struggles, she gets hungry, so Ichika uses the ticket she just got to get popcorns for everyone. Itsuki is drooling. 

They only have one ticket and expect that there are many different flavours for the popcorn so Itsuki wants to listen to the what everyone prefers, but Yotsuba and Ichika say that they will disagree on it anyway, but there was only salt flavour so they don’t get into an argument. 

Yotsuba: “I wonder if things would be different if we had been normal sisters?” But she says that she’s happy that they’re quintuplets. 

They reaffirm their bond. They then go to their fated place.

“Uesugi kun, once everything finishes today, we will be waiting in our respective rooms, with everyone carrying their thoughts…and will be waiting for you.”


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