Go-Toubun no Hanayome 111 Summary

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Itsuki thanks Fuutaro but tells him not to intervene this time. “We will solve this problem within our family.” And she then leaves to confront her real dad.

Real dad again says that Itsuki’s being trapped by her mother’s phantom. 

Fuutaro’s dad, and Maruo appear, “Gahaha you’re her father? Don’t make me laugh!”

Maruo: “Looks like you got the stamp that shows you’re a failure as a parent. If you don’t mind it, then let me teach you how to be a  real father.”

Real dad insults Maruo, but he just says, “Look carefully. Itsuki kun isn’t here.”

Turns out that it was Miku disguised as Itsuki.

Itsuki: “I’m here.” She then comes out with Ichika, Nino, and Yotsuba. “If there is love, then I can distinguish you. Those are our mother’s words.”

Real dad now insults their mother and Itsuki says that she has seen her mother sacrifice everything for them, and a life full of kindness like hers can’t be a mistake.

Maruo also gets angry at him and supports Itsuki’s dream.

Real dad has yet to apologize to their mother and Itsuki says she won’t forgive him. Fuutaro’s dad also joins in and real dad finally walks away. 

Her sisters praise Itsuki for standing up against him.

After everything finished, Itsuki reports to Fuutaro. 

“I don’t have to forget about my mother. You are the one who taught me that. Thank you so much.”

Fuutaro is surprised to hear that. It looks like Itsuki has kissed Fuutaro?

After that, Fuutaro acts weirdly. 

Itsuki says that thanks to him, she can have confidence in herself. “You’re my goal too. That’s all I wanted you to know.” Itsuki stops speaking in her usual polite self and her face turns red. Fuutaro says that he’s uncomfortable about the change and tells her to speak like usual.


  • 5ch source adds that with the apparent kiss by Itsuki, it’s hinted that she was the one who kissed him under the bell.
  • 5ch source: “About that panel where Fuutaro apparently got kissed, it could be that he remembers the kiss under the bell.

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