[Updated] Go-Toubun no Hanayome 110 Summary

Go-Toubun no Hanayome 110 Summary was translated by Bakadata.com

Itsuki tries to call everyone, but the real dad stops her saying that he’s talking to her right now. He says that he now wants to fulfill his job as his father.

Itsuki: “You want to do that now? I already heard from mother. The moment you’ve heard that there are five babies in her belly, you vanished.”

As Itsuki is furious, real dad smashes his head to the ground and bows down, and apologizes. He wants to atone his sin, but gets rejected, as Itsuki says she already has a father.

Then the real dad starts to diss Maruo, and then uses Rena’s words to tell Itsuki that she isn’t suited for her dream. Pushing Itsuki to despair.

On the second day at night, Itsuki talks to Ichika that their real father may have approached Mitsuki. On the third day, Fuutaro asks Nino and Mitsuki where Itsuki right now is, she has locked herself in her room. 

Real dad appears in front of Fuutaro, and Fuutaro asks if he said something to Itsuki. He answers that he only told her the reality and leaves.

Nino and Miku tell to Fuutaro, “Leave this place to us!” and he goes to see Itsuki.

While she was locking herself in her room, she continued to study. Fuutaro tells her to forget about her real dad.

Itsuki is crying and says, “Even if my mom tells me that I shouldn’t become like her, I still find myself trying to be like her.”

She asks if she’s in the wrong.

Fuutaro: “There’s no value in listening to the nonsense others say. It’s your dream, right? No matter how many hurdles you have, it’s your choice to move forward or give up. It can’t be wrong to look up to your parents. You just need to believe in your mother that you have seen.”

Itsuki: “I want to be like my mother and become a teacher! I will aspire to be like my mother as my will dictates.“ She thens asks Fuutaro to help her studies. He answers, “of course!”.

At the end, Itsuki has made up her mind and wants to see her real dad again.


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