Go-Toubun no Hanayome 109 Spoiler

Go-Toubun no Hanayome 109 Spoiler was translated by Bakadata.com

Itsuki goes to a classroom for exam preparation. Apparently, just studying on her own made her anxious. 

Even during the school festival, she’s studying. She even tells Fuutaro that she won’t go to the promised 15pm if she doesn’t finish the practice questions first. 

Nino warns not to overwork herself, but supports her dream of becoming a teacher. 

The teacher in charge of the exam preparation classroom tells Itsuki that she looks like her mother when she was young. He also says that just following her mother’s back isn’t something he would advise her to do. 

Apparently her mother wanted to be like that teacher, but later regretted it. 

It looks like Fuutaro’s father knows who that teacher is.

Next day, the teacher again appears in front of Itsuki when she’s by herself, and he says that he’s her real father.  

“Your mother is my former student, as well as my house mate…and also my ex wife. In other words…I’m your father.”


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