Go-Toubun no Hanayome 108 Spoiler

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Before Yotsuba collapsed, there was a conversation with Takebayashi. She says that she saw her 6 years ago in Kyoto. “Was it you who met Fuutaro?” She already talked to Nino and Itsuki and that’s why she’s cornering Yotsuba.

Yotsuba asks her not to say anything to Fuutaro. After being asked the reason, Yotsuba answers that she doesn’t want Fuutaro to be disappointed, considering he has worked hard since then, but she wasted 5 years.

After finding out the second day has finished, she’s blaming herself for not being able to help anybody. She leaves the hospital. But Fuutaro knew that and stops her. He tells her what happened after she collapsed. 

All the people that Yotsuba has helped out till now have collaborated and made the event a success.

After getting discharged from the hospital, Yotsuba goes around to thank everyone. She also asked people where Fuutaro is right now.

He’s on the stairs, half asleep because he’s too tired. Yotsuba goes into her Rena mode, and apologizes for failing to keep the promise. Fuutaro tells her not to be worried about that. Yotsuba chooses not to rely on her memories with Fuutaro and build her own worth from now on. She gives a farewell kiss to Fuutaro as Rena. But Fuutaro is already asleep at that point and thinks that everything was a dream.

Yotsuba is surprised how daring she was, and she cries and tells farewell to her past self. She nows moves forward as her present self.

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