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Nino: “I won’t go. I don’t care anymore. Dad didn’t come. Although he read the invitation letter. What we think doesn’t matter to him. The school festival still continue till tomorrow, but I don’t care. If my wish won’t be fulfilled then wishing alone will make me regret it.”

Fuutaro is surprised to hear that and says that he doesn’t know everything about her family, but he knows that they don’t have a normal parent and child relation. But one thing he knows is that Maruo being worried that Fuutaro may do something to them is without a doubt the actions of a father, “In other words, it can’t be the case that he doesn’t have any love to you sisters.”

And then the people from the broadcasting club come to Fuutaro and tell him that they found the person he was looking for. They review the tape and Nino’s father is getting interviewed. Nino is surprised to see that.

Fuutaro: “What do you want to do, Nino?“

Nino: “Fuu kun…take me to my dad.“

Once they arrive to the hospital, Nino starts to make pancakes using the hot plate.

Fuutaro: “Please eat it. We know that you came to the school.”

Maruo remembers about Rena.

Rena talks about how the ingredients for the pancake are cheap and that her daughters always get happy eating it. She wanted to make pancakes one last time for them.

Maruo: “Not for the last time…you’re wrong.”

Rena says that she doesn’t want Maruo to waste his important time for someone like her who doesn’t have much time left. He doesn’t want her to say something like that and says that he’s indebted to her.

At the end, Rena says that once she’s discharged, she wants to make pancakes for him.

Flashback over:

Nino says that Miku was the one who made the crest, “She wasn’t able to cook at all, but she found a goal and is now working hard for it. It’s not just Miku. It’s all of us 5. We’ve grown a lot. Dad, watch us how we grow!”

Maruo: “I may have been running away from her death as it’s hard to accept, and intentionally taking distance from you all.”

Maruo: “Looks like you all confronted it without running away. By the way, it’s too much. I alone can’t eat it all. Let’s eat it together next time.”

Fuutaro tries to leave the room, but Maruo asks if he’s the one who plotted it. Fuutaro denies it but Nino says that he was the one who took her to this place. Maruo says that he’s overstepping the boundaries of a tutor.But also acknowledges that he couldn’t do what he did and is glad that he asked Fuutaro to take the job as a tutor.

Nino slips and almost kisses Fuutaro, but he dodges the kiss. Nino says she almost kissed it and looks frustrated. But then she pulls Fuutaro to her and kisses him. Fuutaro is confused.

Nino: “Ehm dad, I just wanted to tell you this. Thanks for choosing Fuu kun as our tutor.“


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