Go-Toubun no Hanayome 103 Summary

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Male students are ecstatic looking at Nino’s pictures, “Her name is Nino, right?”

They talk that she’s in public square right now and go look for her. Nino overhears that conversation and is confused, “Public square…what’s going on.”

It’s almost three so Fuutaro and Yotsuba came to pick up Nino.

As the three walk together, Fuutaro asks why Nino is still wearing her costume from her performance, “It’s because…I wanted to show it to you…”

Yotsuba: “Nino you were cute!! I actually was supposed to be the one on stage, but Nino accepted to replace me.”

Fuutaro quietly says that it felt weird watching her, and Nino gets angry and asks what that is supposed to mean.

Nino then scolds Yotsuba for saying yes to everyone, and asks how she was wanted to manage two different club activities at once. She answers she thought it was possible, “But thanks, because of you the play was successful!”

Nino explains that one of the reasons why she accepted to take part in the idol performance was because she would have a clear view from the stage. Fuutaro doesn’t understand what she means and Yotsuba tells her that they sent an invitation letter to their father.

After their 15pm thing ends, they look for Maruo but can’t find him. Fuutaro suggests to call him, but Nino stops him and says she didn’t think he would come anyway.

They meet Fuutaro’s dad and Raiha and gets told that Maruo did read the invitation letter and Nino is moved.

At the end, Fuutaro tells to Nino, “I can’t wait any longer, follow me Nino.”


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