Go-Toubun no Hanayome 102 Summary

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Chapter starts with Ichika slapping an actor and after finishing the scene, she checks if he’s alright. Her manager tells her that on the second day of the school festival, her sister collapsed. She visits her sisters at the hospital and after checking on them, she meets Fuutaro and Nino.

Nino tells Fuutaro to take Ichika back to her hotel and they walk back together.

They stop by at a park and she asks Fuutaro to buy a drink for her. She then shouts her sisters names are assigns drinks to them. A minute ago, Ichika asked which of them he wishes was the one who kissed him and forces an answer by buying the drink with the assigned sister.

10 minutes later and Fuutaro still can’t decide and Ichika gets sleepy and falls asleep.

He comes back and stares at her lips and she wakes up and kisses him.

Ichika: “How was it? Do you think it was me?”

Ichika clarifies that the one she kissed in her acting was a girl and not a guy.

Ichika reaffirms her feelings towards him and tells her that no matter who Fuutaro will choose, she will continue to like him.


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