Go-Toubun no Hanayome 101 Summary

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Ichika is filming a scene and then receives a message from Fuutaro asking her to come at 15pm.

Fuutaro: “Oh!!! Fuutaro kun!? He must be having fun at the school festival, why would he text me…did something happen…”

She tells herself that she suddenly got time during her work and that there isn’t a big reason why she came and she only came here to see her classmates.

She wears a hat to hide her face but people are talking about Ichika the actress and she runs away to the washroom and decides to disguise herself as Nino. Completely oblivious about the fact that Nino rose in popularity due to her idol performance, and lots of her fans chase her around. “Nino! What happened while I was away!!”

Fuutaro helps her out, “Huh. So you came as expected.”

Ichika: “Yes…You send me a message.”

Fuutaro: “Is your work alright? Sorry about it. I wasn’t aware and send a message at once.”

Ichika looks surprised to hear that. She asks why he called all of them together.

Fuutaro: “Yeah about that. It’s nothing special. It’s the school festival so I wanted to gather with the usual members.”

Ichika: “Ahh, that’s all??”

The two find a boy who got lost and he recognizes Ichika. “You’re the one who kissed someone!”

Ichika: “Ohhh. That drama series aires pretty late but you know it!”

Fuutaro is quiet, listening to that and Ichika asks what happened.

Ichika: “Hmmmm?? Are you shocked that I kissed someone? Isn’t it normal for an actress to have a kissing scene?”

She then says that Fuutaro also kissed someone. He doesn’t know why Ichika would know about that and calls it an accident.

Ichika: “Oh! You really did it! And? With whom? Nino? Miku? Yotsuba? Itsuki?”

Fuutaro: “I…I don’t know. At that time, I thought everyone was Itsuki.”

Fuutaro: “Don’t forget about 15pm! When I said that you don’t need to come if you don’t want to, that was a lie. I would be happy if you could come.”

After their meeting at 15pm finishes, Fuutaro accompanies Ichika to her taxi.

Ichika: “Ehm, I don’t know if I can come here again. Can’t I hear the answer now???”

Fuutaro: “I won’t choose anyone. That’s my answer.”


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