Go-Toubun no Hanayome 100 Summary

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People are getting interviewed, “It looks like it’s super cheerful here. I’ve heard that pancakes are delicious!”

“Nakanoyan! Are you watching? You remember me, right? I came to see you! Later…”

She then gets asked what she came here for today and that girl answers, “Me? I came to see my childhood friend.”

Itsuki is advertising the pancake that they’re selling and she asks to Nino, “Nino, is the Takoyaki store going well?”

Nino: “Who knows. I’ve got no idea.”

Awkward silence…

Itsuki: “What are you thinking right now?”

Nino: “The same thing as you.”

Itsuki says that a lot has happened yesterday and wonders who Fuutaro will choose. Nino says that it could be her as well. Itsuki panics and says that she is confused and hides her blushed face to the board.

Nino: “That’s right. I would panic. This means that there is a special someone for Fuu kun. I was wishing for it, but who thought that such a day would reallhy come…”

The girl that got interviewed appears in front of Fuutaro and says, “Ah! Found you!! Fuutaro, you got taller!”

Fuutaro can’t recognize her but her name is Takebayashi and a childhood friend. He still can’t recognize her.

Takebayashi: “Wait, are you serious? You really can’t remember me?? Compared to when I was in elementary school, I grew up right. It’s me!”

Fuutaro finally remembers something.

As Takebayashi drags Fuutaro around different places, and Miku and Yotsuba see that.

Miku: “Interesting. He said those words to us yesterday and then he’s going on a date with someone else today…”

The two then bump into Nino and Itsuki and Takebayashi says, “Thanks for always taking care of my Fuutaro.”

She introduces herself and says that she knows Fuutaro since elementary school.

Nino: “Ahh is that right? We’re classmates but we’re also his students. You could say that our relationship is deeper than that of classmates.”

Takebayashi answers that she used to be Fuutaro’s teacher. They continue the back and forth and Fuutaro stops them.

“Also Takebayashi. Stop making fun of them. They’re one of my few friends that I have. All of them are special to me.”

As he leaves the place, Nino screams, “Fuu-kun!!! My feelings won’t ever change!!”

A guy with glasses talks to Takebayashi and says, “You’re back. How was it?”

“Yeah. Fuutaro looks like he’s doing well. The quintuplets seem nice as well. Give your best Fuutaro.”

Last page, Fuutaro: “Hey, I made you all wait.”

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