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Summary Chapter 100

Spoiler Text:

Itsuki: “I wonder who Uesugi Kun will choose.”

Nino: “Why are you acting like you’re not a part of it. You also could be the one.”

Miku is looking for Fuutaro as she wants to hang out with him in the school festival.

Yotsuba: “It may be a good idea for me to create a last memory with him.“

But then Nino and Itsuki meet Fuutaro going on a date with Takebayashi 

Takebayashi: “It should be clear now which one of us is closer to him.”

Miku and Yotsuba are hiding.

Yotsuba: “I and Uesugi san are….” and jumps out.

Itsuki; “I don’t feel like losing when it comes to how deep our relationship is.”

Miku understands how Yotsuba feels.

On the second day of the school festival, Ichika has to work.

Fuutaro at the end in the classroom; “Hey, I made you all wait.” 

Summary Chapter 100

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