Fechippuru Bokura no Juinsui Na Koi 1 Summary

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The protagonist named Yunoki wakes up next to a girl he doesn’t know. But the girl named Kotoka recognizes him and claims that they are dating. 

Yunoki says that he can only remmeber that he was drinking by himself yesterday. Kotoka introduces herself saying that she’s a writer and she fell in love with Yunoki’s back. She has a back fetish. 


Kotoka: “I felt that we’re bound by destiny from your back! Please become my boyfriend!”

Yunoki: “I also felt that we’re bound by destiny from your hair! If you’re OK with me, then I will happily become your boyfriend!”

Yunoki apologizes and says he will take responsibility for whatever has happened between them yesterday night. She says that Yunoki likes her hair so whatever he would want to do with the hair is what he did yesterday night. He says that he would touch and squeeze his face to it.

Kotoka: “So close! You also chewed on it!”

Yunoki: “I’m so sorry!!!”

Kotoka says that he doesn’t need to worry since she also had her fair amount of joy. She says she was licking his back.

After some back and forth, they officially become a couple. 

One month has passed since they’ve become a couple and they now live together. 

Kotoka: “Ehehehe…I’m so happy…”

Yunoki: “………”

Yunoki: “It’s already been 30 minutes…she has been staring my back all this time…!! Kotoka!! Let’s have dinner!!”

Kotoka: “Don’t looking at me!!! You’ve ruined it!!”

Yunoki: “How dare you say that to your boyfriend!!!”

They are going on a date, and there’s a girl with beautiful long hair and Yukino is mesmerized seeing that hair. Kotoka is mad and chokes him with her hair saying, “you like this kind of stuff, right?” He asks if she’s jealous and pats her head telling that she’s the one he loves. Kotoka blushes and hugs his back. 

[Kotoka is ill]

Kotoka: “I’m so sorry…I even made you get off from your job…”

Yunoki: “I told you last time!” (On the previous page, Kotoka fooled around and used her hair as a bra)

Kotoka: “As an apology, you can play around with my hair as much as you want.”

Yunoki: “Idiot. How could I do that…”

Kotoka: “Seems like you have a worse illness than me…!!”

Yunoki: “What are you trying to say you bastard!”

Kotoka: “Then why…?”

Yunoki: “Well obviously…it’s because you’re important to me!! You should get that without having me to say that!”

Kotoka: “Can I make one request? Can you say that exact phrase with your back turned??”

Yunoki: “Go sleep you fool!!”

On the last page, Yunoki is sleeping and Kotoka kisses him and says goodnight, and Yunoki says goodnight as well. She blushes as she thought that he was sleeping.

Yunoki: “You just woke me up with that…What’s going on…? I didn’t kiss her hair and yet…my heart is beating like crazy…?!”

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