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Chapter 246: What kind of answer.

After getting asked what she thinks about Natsuo, Hina answers with a smile and asks what he wants to hear. She tries to guess what Natsuo wants to hear, and in the end, Natsuo fails to get an answer from her.

Few of his friends came to watch the acting performance that Natsuo participated in, but Tougen didn’t come because he wants to focus on his novel and Natsuo wasn’t able to reach out to him.

After the acting performance, Natsuo drinks together with the same aged students from his club and he tells them that he broke up with Rui.

Al had already heard that from Rui and he tells him how important the necklace was to Rui when he met her.

Al has missed the last train and sleeps in Natsuo’s room. 

After making sure that Al is asleep, Natsuo gives Rui a call.

Chapter 246 Summary

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