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While her mother helps out Hina getting the Yukata on, Hina explains why she goes out with Natsuo today. Maki is overseas right now and Hina didn’t want to waste the tickets and explains that wearing a Yukata may help them get drinks for a cheaper price. 

Mother: “I didn’t even say anything to you.”

Hina answers that she didn’t want to make her worried. 

Natsuo and Hina are having fun in the summer festival, and then a kid bumps into Natsuo and his ice-cream goes to waste. Natsuo goes to buy him a new one. The kid got separated from his mother, so they drop him off at the lost center for kids. But then the he follows them and clings on Hina. 

Hina tells him that he has to stay at the lost center for kids or his mother won’t find him.

Kid: “Mom is drinking with her friends.”

Natsuo asks him if he wants to walk around the summer festival and try to find his mom while they do that. After playing around for a while, the kid needs to go to the washroom and Natsuo rushingly takes him there . While he’s away, 3 guys hit on Hina and ask her if she wants to drink with them. She answers that she’s waiting for someone.

Natsuo then comes back with the child and the guys think they’re a married family. The kid jokes and asks if they want him to become their child. 

The kid’s mother finally finds him and he says that he had lots of fun. 

Natsuo: “But it was kinda fun playing the role of parents.” =>Hina blushes.

Hina (I can’t continue fooling myself anymore. I’m sorry Rui. As expected, I love Natsuo kun.)

Editor’s note: “She wants to be beside him forever, Not as his older sister, but as his girlfriend.”

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