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Kajita won an official prize at the competition but Rui only won a small prize. The others get sad after hearing that those who won a prize will return to Japan. After leaving the restaurant, Rui and Kajita take the same taxi. They show off their trophies to each other. Rui congratulates Kajita.

Rui knew that Kajita would win a prize after tasting his dish during their preparation. He answers that he thought the same too and tells her that if slightly fewer people had participated she would have won an official prize as well. Rui laughs at Kajita saying that he sucks at comforting. 

They get back to their room. Kajita says that before they return to Japan. He wants to make sure he takes care of business before he returns. Rui has yet to answer to Kajita’s confession.

They ask the chef to teach them everything they can before returning to Japan.The time has come where they will go back to Japan this week. Kajita’s talking to his roommate and gets a call from Rui. 

Rui asks him if he packing progressing well. He asks her the same question back but Rui answers she will remain here.

She explains that everyone was praising her for winning a small prize but she was more frustrated than she had thought. She felt that there’s still lots to learn here. She talks about when they met for the first time and she thought he’s rude at first. 

Kajita: “If it’s me…if it’s me then I won’t make you feel lonely anymore!”

Rui: “But it was Natsuo who made me to the person you like.” She adds that she can’t give up on Natsuo yet.

She asks him to teach the menu that won him a prize. They learn that they had written their menu down and exchange it. 

Kajita is on the plane back to Japan. He reads a note  from her saying, “All the best! I won’t lost to you next time!”

Kajita talks about how valuable this experience to him was and looks like he’s moved on from it.

Meanwhile in Japan, Hina receives a ticket to a festival popular among couples. 

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