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Rui’s father explains that he’s talking to the hotel and they plan to create a menu by winter and he wants the ones here to contribute with that. After that, everyone looks more motivated than before.

Kajita asks if Rui wants to go back to Japan. She says that she likes it here but her family is in Japan after all. But she isn’t working hard to return to Japan. She wants to test her abilities in the competition.

They accidently meet in a food market and find out that both will use chicken as the theme for their dish. Rui isn’t happy about that says she will change it, but then Kajita suggests that they should collaborate.

He says it’s not like they’re fighting against each other and that they both should aim to win a prize in the competition. They should give feedbacks to each other and improve each other. Rui agrees to that and they both work together. Some time passes as they collaborate creating their dish for the competition.

They’re trying out the dishes that they made on the couch and Kajita asks Rui how far ahead she’s thinking in terms of her future. She answers that for now, her goal is to make dishes that he makes her customers happy. Kajita’s dream is to have his own restaurant in the future. “Don’t tell the owner about this.”

Rui: “Sure but dad likes this kind of challenging spirit so he probably won’t be opposed to it.”

Rui likes that idea as well and asks what kind of restaurant he wants to open, “Italian? Japanese? Western?” He answers that he hasn’t got to that point yet. They’re discussing more in depth about it and then Rui laughs out loud, saying that she’s discussing about it as if it’s her own restaurant.

Kajita blushes looking at her smile like that and says that he appreciates receives feedback.

[The day of the competition]

Rui is surprised that there this many contestants. Rui is nervous and feels pressure remembering how Natsuo is moving forward. Kajita calms her down, “Don’t worry. We’ve worked harder than anybody else here.” Rui has calmed down hearing those encouraging words.

After finishing the dishes, they move on to tasting them. Kajita talks about how he has to arrange the dish in Japan as they prefer a different taste. They announce the winners and one of the chefs from their team gets announced. Rui is getting nervous and Kajita explains why he wanted to win a prize.

He talks about the restaurant he wants to open in the future and that he had that idea for a while. And in that restaurant, he wants Rui to be beside him.

Kajita: “I love you. And when we’re back in Japan, I want to continue making delicious dishes with you.” And then Kajita’s name gets announced as one of the winners.


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