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[Natsuo and Tsutaya]

Chapter starts with Natsuo and Tsutaya discussing about the training camp he came back from. Tsutaya says hearing about it makes him want to go back to his time at school. Natsuo apologizes for not having any helpful information and Tsutaya answers that he doesn’t need to worry about it and that he came to check how Natsuo is doing.

Tsutaya: “Also, I need to thank you for helping out Tougen sensei. If you weren’t’ there for him, there would be panic.”

Natsuo talks about how he accompanied Tougen to one of his interviews and climbed up the mountain with him.

Tsutaya: “Pergaps for Tougen sensei, he may think you of someone like his son.” Natsuo’s face turns a bit red hearing that.

[Hina and Natsuo]

Meanwhile, Hina is suspicious that Natsuo got a girlfriend.

Hina: “Natsuo kun, is there something you’re hiding from me? Did something happen during the training camp?”

Natsuo is surprised that Hina figured it out although he didn’t tell her anything. He talks about how made the first steps into a new world. Hina looks shocked hearing that.

Natsuo: “It feels like I got into a sensation that I never felt before…should I show it to you??”

Hina imagines something else and thinks that he did it during the training camp. Natsuo then starts to act and Hina realizes that it was a misunderstanding.

[Hina at the bar]

Hina: “It looked like nothing unusual happened to Natsuo kun during the training camp, so I was able to sleep peacefully.”

Bar owner: “You look like his girlfriend who’s concerned that he’s cheating on you”

Hina: “I was just concerned as his big sister!!”

Hina: “I’m always wishing for Natsuo kun’s happiness.”

After Hina goes home, Misaki says that Hina is holding romantic feelings towards Natsuo. The bar owner agrees with Misaki and says she tried forgetting about Natsuo but couldn’t and tries to suppress her feelings by being his big sister. And by doing that, she can stay with him.

[Natsuo’s birthday]

Hina is celebrating Natsuo’s birthday and Natsuo blushes, saying it’s a bit embarassing.

Hina: “What are you talking about. It’s your memorable 20th birthday and we’ve got to celebrate big! On Sunday, Mom and Dad will probably celebrate your birthday too!”

Hina gifts him a necktie and he tries to wear it but forgot how to tie it. She helps him out and both of their faces turn red.

Hina: “When I think about it, I never saw you wearing a tie in high school.”

As the school rule wasn’t that strict that time, Fumiya suggested to him not to wear one or wear it loosely.

Hina: “Whaat! I never knew that. Why didn’t you tell me ~”

Natsuo answers that he wanted Hina to see him as a cool person. And at that moment, he receives a call from Rui.


[Japan Reacts] Domestic na Kanojo 236

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