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Hina is concerned that Natsuo and Miyabi have started dating so she uses Urushihara’s advice and tries to trick Natsuo into speaking and he says that he has made a new step into his life and Hina thinks he did it with Miyabi, but their misunderstanding gets cleared up quickly.

Hina tried to be only a sister to Natsuo, but she can’t quite get rid off her feelings. Hina gifts a tie for Natsuo’s 20th birthday and helps him tie it. 

Natsuo recalls how he never used his tie because of Fumiya’s advice. Natsuo confesses that in his middle school time, he actually was a gloomy person but he wanted to act cool in front of Hina. Both are blushing talking about them.

And at that moment, they get a phone call from Rui. 

Editor’s text: “While he gets wavy with his first love, his last love comes up.”

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[Japan Reacts] Domestic na Kanojo 236

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