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After Natsuo and Miyabi finish their acting, the other club members clap loudly and praise Natsuo and Mizusawa teases him, “Congrats on your new girlfriend Fujii kun.”

Natsuo: “I feel like that was Grace’s wish.” He explains that both himself and Miyabi got into their roles and that’s why those words came out. Natsuo then gets told, “You have passed the test. From now on, make sure you’re a good role model to the new students.”

[natsuo and miyabi talking]

Natsuo says that he passed the test thanks to her and that he was surprised by her ad lib acting at the end but that helped to create a great ending. 

Miyabi: “That ad lib acting…’I don’t want to give up and I want to live with you together’ was my honest feeling.” She then says, “I love you.” Miyabi wants to hear his answer next morning. 

[Natsuo’s answer]

Natsuo reflects on everything that happened between them and he talks to her next morning. 

Natsuo: “You make me blush. Thank you. But I’m sorry, I can’t date you.” He acknowledges that he should’ve realized her feelings sooner and calls himself an idiot for failing to do so. “Anyway, for me, you’re an important friend who I respect.”

Miyabi answers she knew her chances were slim but she wanted to let her feelings known. Natsuo tells her that thanks to her, he now knows the joy of acting and wants to continue working hard with her. She answers with a smile. They return to their inn by talking how they met a year ago. 

[going home]

Nene asks Miyabi how it went and she answers with a clear smile. 

Once Miyabi arrives home, Yuuki visits her and tells her that she heard what happened from Nene. Yuuki comforts her and Miyabi starts to cry as she remembers her memories with Natsuo. She says that she learned lots of new emotions, the intense feeling she felt every time she would see Natsuo’s face, jealousy, and so on. “Thank you to the one sided love that was painful yet fun.” With that, Miyabi moves on from Natsuo.

[next morning]

Miyabi: “Good morning Fujii kun!” She has short hair now and it looks like her mind is clear now. 

Natsuo: “Good morning!“


[Japan Reacts] Domestic na Kanojo 235

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