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After kissing each other, both return back to their senses and their faces turn red. Miyabi thinks that she got dragged into Natsuo’s acting and wasn’t able to control her emotions. They move on and continue practicing. After they’re done, Miaybi acknowledges how much Natsuo has improved. He says it’s thanks to her, but Miyabi says it’s because of his talent.

Miyabi: “I’m really glad that you became an actor. Let’s give our best for the test tomorrow!”

They both return to their room but Natsuo can’t sleep as he has to think about what happened.

[Next Day]

Natsuo talks to Mizusawa about what happened, and explains that he got dragged into the acting and did things that weren’t in the script. Mizusawa answers that it happened to him countless times. He changes his acting all the time looking at the reactions of his audience.

Natsuo: “I don’t know if it’s my own emotion…or the emotion from my role. I can’t switch off well.” Mizusawa senses that Natsuo must be talking about Miyabi and teases him and says that he should date Miyabi.

[Bathe Time]

As the bathe changes every other day, the girls find the underwear from the boys and scream. Meanwhile, Miyabi is disappointed as she wasn’t able to make use of the new underwear she bought. The other girls go into the bathe room and Miyabi is left alone in the dressing room. Natsuo mistakenly enters the dressing room. He was fully occupied about the acting and didn’t realize that the male and female bathe has changed.

He rushingly tries to get out of the room but hears that other people are coming in and Natsuo and Miyabi hide in the washroom. Natsuo avoids looking at Miyabi as she’s just wearing underwear. She looks dissatisfied.

Miyabi asks why he was occupied in his thoughts and Natsuo explains the things he talked to Mizusawa.

Miyabi: “Then what do you think Eddy would do in a moment like this?” He answers that he isn’t sure if his role Eddy, would just be ashamed and put his hands in his pocket and just stand like Natsuo is right now.

The dressing room turns quiet and they realize that Natsuo can sneak out now. Natsuo: “Fuji kun. The test tomorrow…I will give my best so you also respond with your best!” He answers with a serious face that he will.

[The Test]

The other students think it’s unfair if they compare Natsuo’s acting with Miyabi’s but once they start, they think he looks natural and that both of them are creating their own world.

They’re acting perfectly and make no mistake and turn to the last scene. The last scene is about Grace, Miyabi’s role, who gives up and goes away from Eddy, Natsuo’s role. Miyabi wonders if Natsuo understood her feelings through their role.

Miyabi: “Since then, I haven’t been able to forget you, but now…no…I can’t just give up…I want to live with you.” She changes the script and conveys her feelings to Natsuo. Miyabi: (Please respond to my feelings.)

Natsuo responds to Miyabi’s words, “Yeah…”. Natsuo reaches his hand to Miyabi.


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