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[Miyabi offers help]

Natsuo and Miyabi are heading somewhere and Natsuo isn’t grasping the situation. He was just told to follow her and he wonders if he did something to her. They arrive at the multi purpose hall and Miyabi turns on the light. Natsuo asks her what she wants to talk about.

Miyabi: “Since that time, I haven’t been able to forget you…”

Natsuo doesn’t know what’s going on and is confused. Miyabi stops and says, “I thought you memorized the script?”

She explains that those words are from the script for his acting test. She says that during the exam he could get nervous and forget the script and that’s why she tested him.

Natsuo: “I’m embarrassed…”

Miyabi tells Natsuo that she offered to become the acting partner for his test and that acting generally involves multiple people and thought that it would be better if she’s there. Natsuo agrees but is worried for Miyabi as she also has her own training to do.


She then says, “I…I also have a responsibility! I was the one who recommended you to become an actor so it’s my responsibility to help you out! And I will make sure that you will pass the exam!”

Natsuo happily welcomes the help. After getting some feedback from Miyabi, they restart the practice.

Miyabi: “I love you…” Natsuo doesn’t say anything back and Miyabi points that out.

Natsuo: “Ahh…I’m sorry. It’s not like I forgot my phrase but I was just focusing on what Eddy (the protagonist) would be feeling. Then I could feel your…Grace’s (the female protagonist) emotion.” He then praises Miyabi’s acting for making him feel all that.

Miyabi praises Natsuo for getting into his role and tells him not to forget that feeling.

[Awkward conversation]

After finishing their practice, they walk back to their room, but they come across Nene who’s taking the virginity of a new student. As this is the only way they can get back to their room,they wait until Nene and that new student are done.

Miyabi: “Fu…Fujii kun, how was your first time?”

Natsuo asks why she’s asking that all of a sudden and she answers she tried to read the mood. Both of their faces turn red and Natsuo remembers about Rui. He just says it was normal and asks about her, but then realizes that may be sexual harassment and takes it back.

Miyabi quietly says, “Not yet…”. Nene who finished her business walks towards them and asks what they’re doing.

[Next Day]

After finishing their practice, Natsuo and Miyabi want to practice again, but the multi purpose hall is already booked. So, they choose to practice outdoor. Natsuo is impressed with Miyabi’s acting and Miyabi too is impressed at how fast he’s improving. They stare at each other while playing their respective roles. Miyabi then kisses him.


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