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[In front of Natsuo’s apartment]

Hina is heading back home and she sees Miyabi standing close to the apartment. As they say hi to each other, Hina remembers when Miyabi kissed Natsuo.

Hina thinks that Miyabi came to visit Natsuo so she offers to call him but Miyabi explains that she came here today to talk to Hina. Miyabi asks if Hina likes Natsuo as a man or as a brother. Hina makes a panicked expression. Miyabi then asks why they’re living together even though they’re not related by blood.

Hina answers that she likes Natsuo as his sister. Miyabi is happy to hear that. She apologizes for coming here without any notice and then leaves. Hina gets back to the room and thinks that Miyabi must be serious about Natsuo.

[At Natsuo’s apartment]

Once she gets back, Natsuo comes out of the bathroom with just has a towel on him. He explains that he forgot to bring his underwear. Hina imagines Natsuo going out with Miyabi and she tears up and screams that she doesn’t want that.

[Bus stop]

Miyabi stares at Natsuo, as if he’s her prey and Nene teases Miyabi because of that. Nene asks if Miyabi if she has any plans to win over Natsuo and offers her to come up with a plan. But Miyabi says she wants to do with her own power.

[Training Camp]

As Natsuo is holding a script, Miyabi asks what that is for and he explains that he has an acting test at the end of the day and he’s trying to practice for that.

When they are eating together, the new students are saying that they want to sit beside Miyabi and how they look up to her. Natsuo tells that the she’s one of the best actors and that they can ask her anything. After hearing that, the new students ask them if they’re dating. Natsuo answers that they aren’t but Miyabi has a red faced and looks happy.

Miyabi sneaks into Natsuo’s room, and as he wakes up, Miyabi tells him that she needs to talk to him.

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