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Natsuo acts like he’s fine after declaring he gave up his dream, so Hina hugs him and says, “You looked like you wanted to cry. It’s fine to cry. You don’t need to hide it by laughing.”

Natsuo opens up and says that day by day, it wasn’t painful anymore to look at his writing materials. A lot has happened since he stopped being able to write but he wasn’t able to any progress. “I think it’s hopeless now. If I don’t abandon my dream, then I can’t even move backwards or forwards.” Hina tells him that it’s fine to forget about it. Hina: “But is it alright if I keep hold of it?” She adds that he doesn’t need to feel any pressure and that he can let it go and it’s just that she wants to keep it. Natsuo can’t say anything after hearing Hina’s words.

After Natsuo falls asleep, Hina holds the manuscript paper and remembers how Natsuo used to talk about his dream and she starts to cry.

[At his teacher’s place]

His teacher tells Natsuo that he has heard from Tsutaya that Natsuo has quit being a novelist. Natsuo says his heart hurting considering how much support he got from both Tsutaya and his teacher but he needs to think about his future. And then adds that if his teacher is looking for someone who’s aspiring to become a novelist, then he will step back from this position. His teacher then asks if Natsuo is free on the weekend. He has another interview appointment for his next book.

After finishing the interview, they decide to climb up the mountains and then finally talk about Natsuo’s struggles. 

Teacher: “Knowing how you are, you’re probably complicating your thoughts again, aren’t you? About your future and all that.”

Natsuo: “Of course I’m gonna think about it. Someone like you won’t know it. I mean you never had an experience where you couldn’t write.”

Teacher: “Yeah I never had it. But I thought about breaking my pen before.”

He talks about his time when he wasn’t doing well as a novelist and when he lost his son. He doesn’t know whether it was the right thing to have continued or not but if continuing to write his a talent then giving up is also a talent. And the current Natsuo probably doesn’t even understand that. 

Teacher: “And until you understand that, stay with me. It won’t be too late to quit after you found your new path. The current struggles you have will form its shape eventually.“ Natsuo has tears in his eyes after hearing those words and answers with “Yes”.

At the end, Miyabi is trying out her new underwear and marks the calendar for their club’s training camp.


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