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As first year students have joined the club, changes will be announced. The 4th year students are in their final year, so the current captain announces the next captain. “The one leading you all from now on, so the next captain will be, 3rd year student Ibuki Mizusawa!!” Ibuki looks surprised and rather uncomfortable but he’s told that he’s a talented actor and that he’s fit for that role. And then Natsuo gets announced as the vice captain. 

Natsuo: “I can’t do it. I mean I can’t even do anything…! Also, since when did we have the title vice captain?”

The club is eating and drinking together, and Natsuo, who is still confused about the situation, talks to Nara. He explains that he didn’t make this decision all by himself and talked to the other 4th year students about it.

Nara: “Also, I thought it would be better for you to have a proper role. You may feel uncomfortable right now, but it’s also possible that the situation will develop you. Don’t you think it’s possible that you will discover something new in all this? ”

They are all about to go home, but then Ibuki points out that Natsuo is living pretty close from this place and suggest to go to his place to drink. Natsuo tries to stop them but fails. They see Hina and think that she’s his girlfriend, but Natsuo explains that she’s his sister. 

They’re playing card games now and discuss about Natsuo’s next role. Miyabi suggest that he should become an actor, but the others think that it doesn’t suit him. 

Miyabi: “It’s normal that it won’t go well at the beginning! But after practicing, and once you get the hang go it, he will be able to do great acting!” The others now think that it may not be a bad idea and decide that Natsuo’s next role will be an actor.

After practicing acting with the others, Natsuo talks about his experience with Hina.

Natsuo: “It’s quite difficult. Once you know more about acting, I realized that actors are amazing.”

Hina talks to her colleagues about Natsuo and how he’s become an actor now. She praises him for being naturally expressive, and that he will improve quickly. She can’t wait to see him on the stage. One colleague tells her that Hina looks really happy when she talks about Natsuo. Hina answers with a big smile, “Yes!”

On her way home, Hina finds Natsuo’s writing materials in the trash, and thinks that he mistakenly must have put it there. But once she’s home, Natsuo is on the phone. 

Natsuo: “Yes, about that. I have been thinking a lot about it. I’m thinking to give up becoming an novelist.” 


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