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Chapter starts with Hina leaving the house, telling him to not be lazy and that she has made breakfast for him. Natsuo recalls the events that led to this outcome.

[10 days ago]

Natsuo: “Huh?! What do you mean? You want to live here? I get that this place is pretty close to your workplace, but I rented this room so I can live by myself. I’m not sure about a family member living here…”

Hina: “And what was the result of that?”

Hina tells Natsuo that he got attacked by a gang and almost died. She feels that he’s taking his own life too lightly. Natsuo then says that their parents wouldn’t allow it. But Hina got their permission by explaining what happened with Misaki.

Their parents: “What?! He got abducted and got almost killed?! Natsuo got involved in such a dangerous event?!”

Their parents are a bit worried, remembering the past between them. But Hina tells them that she wants to protect Natsuo as his older sister.

[Flashback over]

Natsuo is at his club and is asked by Miyabi if he has decided on his role from now on. Miyabi suggests him to become an actor, and he initially says that’s impossible, but if he does end up becoming an actor, he would need to take lots of lessons from Miyabi and makes her blush.

[At the Cafe]

Misaki is now working there.

Cafe master: “She still has to go to court, but she has to become a part of society again, right? If I leave her alone, there’re risks of recommitting the crime. That’s why she’s working here, and I hope I can help her out to figure out her life.”

[Fumiya and Natsuo talking]

Fumiya is feeling guilty as he was the one who invited Natsuo to the mixer. But he also thinks that this shocking event may have helped him out since Natsuo’s facial expression looks brighter than before.

Natsuo: “There’s no way I could forget about Rui, but I think it’s time to stop being depressed. And Rui probably doesn’t wish for me to be like that either.”

[At home]

Natsuo talks to Hina about Misaki and how she’s working at the cafe now and Hina is happy to hear that.

Natsuo: “Master told me that he tried to convince you to stay behind as it’s dangerous but you wouldn’t listen to him so he was troubled.”

Hina: “I…I mean an important person to me was in danger!!”

Hina explains that she wasn’t sure if she could continue to live if something had happened to Natsuo and that her heart was close to being crushed.

Hina: “Natsuo kun. We ended up rescuing each other’s lives. But I feel both times this could’ve been prevented had we talked to each other. So promise me. From now on, if you’re in trouble, you talk to me.” They promise to each other that both of them will talk to each other. Before they go to sleep, Natsuo tells Hina to be more careful as he found her underwear in the morning.

Next morning, Natsuo wakes up Hina and finds her partly naked.


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