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After Kajita punched the guy who badmouthed Rui, they get into a fight and their supervisor spots them. Accusing the guy who got punched for bullying the new people. But he explains that Kajita was the one who punched him. The supervisor wants to talk with Kajita. The next day Rui asks another chef where Kajita is and is told that he got suspended for 3 days. Rui’s roommate comes back and tells Rui that she found out why Kajita got into trouble. After hearing about that, Rui looks shocked that Japanese are viewed like that. Daniella kisses Rui on the forehead and tells her to not be hurt and explains her that this is racism. She also experienced the same thing when she came over to the US. “Right…it’s not that I’m hurt…maybe I’m confused. When I was in Japan, I was in the majority so I was never mocked because of my race. I wasn’t even aware of that…”

Rui went to Kajita’s place and brought a dish with her. After eating and complimenting the dish as delicious, Rui tells Kajita that she heard why he got suspended. Kajita explains that something like this happen anywhere. New people are either disliked or mocked. He entered the culinary world when he was 15 so he has seen different types of people. Some have criticized Kajita for trying to go home despite not being good at his work, telling him to clean up for them as well. “That’s why I’m kinda used to this. But you’re different. I was the one who invited you to come here. You also had the option to stay in Japan and continue your work. But you still came here to train with me. I have seen your determination and your hard work. That’s why I couldn’t forgive them for looking down on that.”

Rui tells Kajita that he’s wrong. It was her choice to come here and she came here for her own sake. “So let’s continue to work hard together! We came here to make delicious dishes. Also, I don’t intend losing to you.”

Kajia: “She wasn’t as weak as I had worried.”

Chapter ends with Hina at Natsuo’s room, “What do you mean? By living here…”

[Japan Reacts] Domestic na Kanojo 229

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