Domestic na Kanojo 228 Summary

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Kajita overhears their conversation and finds out that Rui broke up with Natsuo.

Rui: “Because I didn’t have confidence in myself, I got suspicious of Natsuo and blamed him for that. I told him that if he’s my boyfriend and loves me then he can’t make me worried. When I think of it now, it’s selfish…So, we needed to get away from each other this time and grow up.”

As Rui said that “we needed to get away from each other this time”, she’s asked that they will end up together later. To which she answers, “I don’t know. It’s not like we promised anything. But, if…if there’s destiny between us then…No. Never mind.”

Rui is experimenting to create a new dish and Kajita helps her out with that. As they’re going home together, Rui tells herself that she needs to continue studying hard. But Kajita says she’s making progress and praises her in exact detail. Rui is super happy to hear that as Kajita won’t lie about things related to culinary.

Kajita: (What the hell is this noisy beat about.)

Next Day:

Two guys at their working place are bad mouthing Rui. “Looks like she will go home today. I guess she’s done with showing off how hard she works? Why don’t you ask her out for dinner? I’ve heard that Japanese women love White guys.” As they continue bad mouth Rui, Kajita grabs one by the neck and asks who they are talking about. The guy claps back and asks why that’s his business. Kajita answers that Rui is his friend who’s been training with him till now and won’t forgive anyone bad mouthing her.

Bad guy: “Hey hey you’re acting like a noble knight. What, do you like her?”

Kajita punches that bad guy hard and says, “What’s wrong with that, you bastard?”


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