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Scene moves to Rui. She comes out of the swimming pool and takes a shower. Daniella asks her if she was able to clear up her mind. “It’s not a bad idea to move your body sometimes, right? Good way to refresh yourself.” But she realizes from Rui’s voice that she hasn’t moved on quite yet. “If you end up being like that, then you shouldn’t have broken up with him.”

Rui: “But if we had continued like that, then we both we would have suffered more and more.”

Rui receives a LINE message from Alex that he’s here and if she wants to meet up or not. 

They invite him over to their apartment and Kajita comes in as well and things look heated between them. They’re cooking together and Kajita asks Rui to pass over the salt to him and they touch hands and Alex gets upset. 

Alex: (Don’t worry Na-chan, I will take care of it. I will make sure that weird insects won’t get near to Rui chan.) But as he peels the potato while thinking, he cuts his finger.

They’re eating together and Alex is fascinated by the meal and holds Rui’s hands and Kajita complains that he thought touching her body would be sexual harassment. They continue to argue and Rui asks, “Kajita, why are you even trying to compete with him like that. There shouldn’t be any reason to be like that.”

Kajita looks down and agrees with that and then they have dinner peacefully.

Alex: “You two are in a long distance relationship, but when you were there, you made food for him right? He was talking about it last time. Although I get kinda worried about this Tokiya guy. It’s not like I’m suspecting you or anything, but it makes me nervy. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t meet him anymore, but isn’t that normal when you love someone? Should I maybe make him more jealous? I can show off to him how delicious how your food was. I wonder if Na-chan will cry.”

And then Rui finally tells him that they broke up. Alex can’t understand it considering how close they were and asks she hates him now, and Rui shakes her head in disagreement. She says that she couldn’t continue like that. Kajita overhears their conversation.

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