Domestic na Kanojo 226 Summary

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Masaki found out this location because the one that messed the room spit out this place. As the gangs rile up on him, he beats them one by one with ease. The gang’s leader instructs his man to call for support. Then attacks Hina, thinking it would be easier, but then Hina hits him at his vulnerable part. As Hina does that, she says sorry but Masaki encourages her saying that hitting there is a good method in fights. The gang’s leader shoots at Masaki, but he dodges the bullet and counters him. “Did you think point a gun at me would make you win? Too bad but this doesn’t make you that invincible. Well I can understand why would want to rely on it. It allows you to act like you’re a part of the underground world. I’m sorry but someone like me would say that someone like you doesn’t fit there.”

As Hina helps out Misaki, she asks who that person is, and is told that he’s the master of the cafe they frequent and a former member of the underground world. Natsuo apologizes for causing trouble to Hina and she hugs him and says, “I’m so glad…! I don’t want to ever feel like this again!”

The gang’s leader says that his friends will come here soon and will make them regret all this. He says that there were people like her before that wanted to get out of this but they all would come back eventually. They weren’t able to forget the feelings of drugs. That’s how humans are. Misaki responds that she decided to confront herself from now on and she knows that’s not an easy path but she won’t run away again.

The real Yakuza show up and they have already beaten up the rest of the gang members. Masaki says they are the Koudan Gumi that manage the location that the gangs messed up. The Koudan Gumi’s leader thanks Masaki for calling him and telling him about this. “You’ve changed, Masa.”

He says that they should drink together if they meet again, but is told by Masaki, “Can’t do that. If rumours come out that I’m close to the leader of a big Yakuza group like yours, then my customer would stop coming to my cafe…But I’m glad I was able to see you again. Take care.”

Natsuo wants to go with Misaki as she turns herself in, but she says that she wants to do it by herself. As Misaki leaves she says, “By the way, Natsuo kun. When caught me doing drugs, I told you that we would both be guilty since I mixed some in your meals as well, that’s a lie and it was just a meal. I’m sorry.”

Natsuo: “I knew that already.”

Masaki: “Don’t worry. Just because you stumble once, it doesn’t mean that all your paths will vanish. Depending on your mindset, you can restart from anywhere.”

Natsuo: “You’re right. I think it’s time for me to move on as well…”

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