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Turns out the one banging the door was the guy who was looking for Misaki. He says that Misaki must be here, but Natsuo says that she’s outside right now. But then the guy gets upset and grabs Natsuo, saying that he has heard her voice and that he will do something if he tries to hide her. Misaki stops him, saying that Natsuo has nothing to do with it. She says she will talk to the guy.

Misaki comes back and Natsuo wants her to reveal everything. She reveals that she’s a mule. She was invited by a guy she was dating at that time and was told that it’s nothing dangerous, but the moment she realized how dangerous it is, there was no turning back. The guy came to ask questions as the current route she’s using is having troubles. For now, Natsuo confiscates the drug.

The next day, Hina and Misaki see each other. Misaki apologizes for causing trouble to Natsuo. Hina asks if she’s involved in some kind of trouble and says that it’s not just Natsuo but that she will also help her out. 

Natsuo is at his teacher’s place and asks him about the time when he wrote about drug addicts. “Is it difficult to be cured from that…?”

Teacher: What, are you doing drugs or what?“”

The teacher explains that it depends on how heavy the addiction is but in general, it’s impossible to get out of that just with your own power. That’s what addictions are. It’s not a matter of your will but it’s a matter of your brain. It destroys the mechanism of your brain and trumps your will. 

Misaki is watching TV and she sees wheat flour and associates that with drugs. She tries to distract her mind by reading. She looks for the drug, but Natsuo appears and says that it’s not there. He says he lied to her and that he got rid off it. 

Natsuol: (It’s probably not just sympathy. The one I just couldn’t abandon is me who could have ended up like Misaki.)

Natsuo tells her to turn herself in and that she needs to rehabilitate herself. “Dying for something like this is wrong. If I get accused for wrong doing as well, then I don’t mind it.”

As they go to the police station, the gang adducts them.  

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