Domestic na Kanojo 223 Summary

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Chapter starts with the cafe master calling up his underling and asking him to investigate about a matter.

Scene goes back to Natsuo and he asks why she can’t go to the hospital. She says that when she got the burn of her face the hospital didn’t treat her properly and doctors became traumatic for her so she avoids to go to hospitals. Natsuo doesn’t say anything. 

The next day Natsuo makes food for her and Misaki thanks him for taking care of her and not kicking her out despite having done that yesterday. Once Natsuo leaves, Misaki looks still not well.

The cafe master gets a call from his underling yesterday and asks if he has found anything and is told that the situation is quite troublesome and is told about the drugs. 

Natsuo has forgot his phone in his room so he goes back. Once he goes back, he finds Misaki doing drugs. 

Natsuo: “You…do you realize what you’re doing? I don’t know where you got this but this will get you easily caught. This is a crime. A crime!!”

Misaki threatens Natsuo that he shouldn’t call the police for his sake either because she smuggled this into his food as well. Natsuo says he won’t report her but tells her not to do it again. But then someone is banging on the door.


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