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As Hina asks who that is and questions if that person is somehow connected to this room, the guy is annoyed and says that he got a false information and walks away.

Hina talks to the master about it and says that she’s afraid to ask Natsuo about it. But the master says that it’s better to keep a close eye to the situation. 

Natsuo and Misaki practice her job interview but she’s giving silly answers and Natsuo asks if she seriously wants to work or not. Misaki asks what Natsuo plans to do after graduation and he says that he will just work as he’s left with nothing right now. Misaki asks if he wants to go watch the aurora with her.

Misaki: “We could just throw everything out like what the future holds for us…our current situation…relations with others and go far away. Throwing away everything about our past. And then, we could spend our time watching the aurora without thinking about anything.”

Natsuo: “Yeah…that may be a good idea…”

Hina is with Natsuo and asks if he wants to talk about anything. 

Hina: “Last time when I was afraid because of the trauma with Tanabe san, you told me to talk to you anytime I’m suffering right? That salvaged me. So talk to me as well.” She says that he can talk about anything and that she wants to help him out. “I mean you’re my only…precious young brother after all.”

Natsuo is showering and Misaki comes back drunk and gets sexually intimate with Natsuo but then she pukes in the toilet. She then wakes up in Natsuo’s bed. 

Natsuo asks if she remembers how she came home and fell unconscious, “Barely…Sorry, I completely screwed it up right. I’m embarrassed…”

Natsuo suspects that she may suffer from alcoholism and that she should go to the hospital. He says that he will call a taxi if she still feels bad or even call the ambulance. 

Misaki: ‘Not the hospital. I don’t wanna go there…!!’

Natsuo: “What…?”

Editor’s note: “Next issue, Misaki’s secret will be revealed!!”

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