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Fumiya is with Natsuo and says, “Sigh…I wished the encounter would’ve been more like romcom… ” Natsuo asks him what happened and Fumiya explains that he went to Karaoke with Kasumi but she only would ask him if his family is wealthy and how much he wants to earn in the future. 

Fumiya: “Damn it! If I were you, I would’ve been with Misaki san by now!”

Natsuo: “You know that you can come pick her up now right?”

Fumiya says that he’s living with his family so he can’t do it and is jealous that he had sex with her and will dump her.

Natsuo: “I didn’t! I can’t forget about Rui that easily!”

When Natsuo comes home, he finds ‘Shougayaki’ made ready for him on the table. Misaki asks if he doesn’t like it. For Natsuo, it’s one of the food that Rui often cooked for him, so when he sees that on the table, then he remembers about Rui. 

After eating, they clean up and are talking. Natsuo asks if she continued to search for a new room and Misaki says yes and that she found 3 good places that she will consider. “Oh right, before I forget it.” Misaki hands an envelope with money in it to Natsuo. “I just got the money from my last job…”

Natsuo refuses the money saying that she should use it once she becomes independent again. 

Misaki: “But…”

Natsuo: “Not but! I know what you’re doing. You just are trying to add various reasons to stay here for even longer right!”

Misaki then suggest that she will pay for dinner at a good restaurant. She knows a good place at the Sky Tree.

Misaki: “Ehm…the appointment will be tomorrow at 19pm.”

Natsuo: “I haven’t agreed to it…you know that I won’t go right?”

Misaki: “No problem…I will still wait! I will wait till you come!”

Misaki uses her phone to make the appointment.

The next day Natsuo tells himself that he won’t go but he’s staring at his watch.

But then…

Misaki: “Natsuo kun! I knew that you would come.”

Natsuo: “You said that you would wait here till you come which is kind of a treat.”

It may be due to the alcohol but Misaki is laughing a lot today. Misaki: “This twinkling…I thought I could become a part of that shininess…”

Misaki: “What about you Natsuo kun? Why did you give up your writing?”

Natsuo: “It’s not that I gave up…I stopped being able to write…”

As Natsuo talks about his past, he doesn’t know why he tells that to Misaki. But he thinks that the two of them are alike after all because they are both empty. 

They’re playing a game and bet on a kiss, but Misaki loses. They both have a good time. But then, Misaki’s smartphone rings. She says that she needs to be away for a bit. But she doesn’t come back and Natsuo goes home. The next morning she’s back and he sees a memo on the table that says, “Sorry about yesterday.”

Hina once again after her work goes to Natsuo’s apartment with ingredients with her. But she sees a blonde haired guy and she tells him, “Ehm…”

The guy asks if she’s the resident in this room and she says no. And then the guy asks if she’s related to Misaki. 


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