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After seeing Misaki’s scar, Natsuo makes a similar reaction when he saw Momo’s scar. Misaki: “Does it look disgusting? Don’t worry. You don’t need to be so considerate.” She says that she’s used to that kind of reaction. Natsuo asks if that is since birth, and she answers that if that were the case that she would’ve been able to deal with it better.

Until 3 years ago, Misaki was a model and one of the most successful figures of her production. But someone in the production was jealous of her and put a toxic substance in her lotion and that caused the burn on her face. The production didn’t want this to become news, so they gave her a consolation payment and she left the production. Since then, she has worked on multiple jobs, even as an escort, but none of them worked out for her.

Misaki: “That’s why after seeing how you were burdened by something and seeing you suffering, I thought I wanted to console you.”

Misaki doesn’t want to tell about what she’s going through to Kasumi, since Kasumi looks up to her, so she asks Natsuo to let him stay here for a while and Natsuo agrees to that.

Hina: “It’s your food service delivery.” Hina has brought lots of food to Natsuo’s apartment. She smells a bad scent and sees the used cigarets. Natsuo explains that it’s from his friend who got kicked out from their place and is staying with him right now.

Natsuo gets home and sees Misaki cooking. He tells her to stop doing whatever she wants in his room. Misaki: “Say that after you have eaten my food.” Natsuo thinks it’s better than he thought. Misaki: “Better than I thought. That’s what you just thought right?” She asks if her cooking is better than his ex girlfriend and Natsuo says Rui’s cooking is better as she’s a chef. Misaki: “Can’t beat that.”

While Natsuo is going to his classes, Misaki is looking for a room she can stay. Kasumi overslept and she finds Misaki doing some dubious deal involving money with another guy.


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