Domestic na Kanojo 219 Summary

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Natsuo: “When will you stop following me…”

Misaki follows Natsuo till his apartment. 

Misaki: “Interesting…this is your home…this place looks pretty old…drinking at your home is fine as well.”

Natsuo: “If you don’t cut it off, I will call the police.”

Misaki: “Can I just use the washroom?”

Natsuo is irritated that he can hear the sound of her using the washroom so he turns on the TV. 

Misaki: “Ah- you’ve got a Kotatsu! Nice nice. Please excuse me.”

Natsuo: “What are you doing? I thought the promise was that you leave after using the washroom?“

Misaki: “I didn’t tell you when to leave-!”

Misaki: “I won’t leave today…”

Natsuo tells her that he can stay at his neighbour’s place.

Misaki: “You’re so cold. I get it I get it…once Kasumi chan comes back, I will do that.”

As Natsuo looks depressed since they met, Misaki asks, “Did a girl possibly…break up with you?”

Natsuo freezes and Misaki is sure now. 

Misaki: “I’m the same…I was thrown out by the guy who lived with me…he actually threw me out just yesterday.“

Natsuo: “We aren’t the same.“

Natsuo insists that his relationship with Rui is nothing the relationship she had with her boyfriend, but he thinks that he feels the same smell from her. 

Misaki’s words that they are the same occupies Natsuo’s thoughts. He isn’t sure if she said that because she also broke up with her boyfriend or…Natsuo is curious and asks her. 

Misaki: “No…not sure how I should phrase it…it’s because there’s no hope in your eyes…”

And after sensing that, Misaki felt the same. 

Misaki wants to continue to talk but Natsuo cuts her off and says that he will sleep and that she has to leave once his neighbour returns. 

Natsuo wakes up the next morning and wonders if she’s still here but he can’t find her. 

But once he goes to the washroom, he finds her taking the shower. 

Natsuo: “Leave!!!”

Natsuo doesn’t want to get involved with her and wants her to leave immediately.

Misaki: “I don’t have any goals…I was just curious.” And then pushes Natsuo to his bed and says, “While I was looking for a towel I found it in your closet…the manuscript paper and  the fountain pen…was that your dream?”

Natsuo refuses to make eye contact, but Misaki says, “You and I are similar as thought.” She slowly moves her hands towards Natsuo’s underwear.

Natsuo: “Quit it!“ and pushes her to the floor. 

He then sees a scar on the right side of Misaki’s face.


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