Domestic na Kanojo 218 Summary

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Natsuo has stepped down from his script writing duties and is in exchange helping out at every area for his club. Kuzuoka realizes that things aren’t going well between Natsuo and his girlfriend as he isn’t wearing his usual watch. She tells Miyabi that it’s her chance to take him. 

Fujii visits him and reminds Natsuo that he promised that he would introduce him a girl. Natsuo forgot about it and says that the girl is living next door so he can just go talk to her. Fujii forces Natsuo to go with him to a mixer, which should help to refresh his mind as well. 

At the mixer, one of the girls Hazuki is interested in Fuji as she heard that he goes to the Toky university and smells the potential of money from him. 

As Natsuo looks disinterested, the new girl called Misaki approaches him and asks if he’s bored. 

Misaki: “Do you wanna sneak out from here?“ As Natsuo hears that, he remembers about Rui, but Misaki says, “Just joking.”

They finish their dinner and plan to go to Karaoke, but Natsuo tells Fujii that he will go home. 

Misaki followed Natsuo and asks if he wants go have a drunk somewhere. Natsuo declines and says he can’t drink alcohol anyway. 

She follows him around but Natsuo thinks he managed to get rid of her, but she’s standing right in front of him. Natsuo asks why she’s bothering and Misaki answers, “I wonder why…just a feelings? Not sure but I feel like the same smell is coming from you.”

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