Domestic na Kanojo 217 Summary

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Natsuo visits his hospitalized teacher and brings the material he was asked to bring and as he was about to leave, his teacher if something happened to him. He answers that nothing happened but once he gets home, he’s lying on his floor. He then receives a text from Hina that she just finished work and asks if Natsuo wants to have dinner with her. Hina asks if Natsuo is lonely that Rui already went back to the states. 

Natsuo: “Lonely…right…”

Hina is at the cafe and says that she’s failing to cheer Natsuo up so they decide to go to his apartment together to have a dinner party. The master says he heard that Rui and him are fighting and Natsuo answers that they resolved it already. 

Cafe master: “Is that right? Then why do you look so sad?”

Natsuo: “I don’t look sad. This is normal for me.”

They decide to play twister together. The master again presses what happened to him and Natsuo confesses that he and Rui broke up. They make him drink Sake so he forgets about it.

The next day Hina and Natsuo are together. Hina heard from the master that Natsuo can’t write anymore. Hina says that he must have been suffering and that she knows how hard he has been working. 

Natsuo: “I told Rui that I didn’t want her to make worried but that’s not it. The story isn’t that pretty. I just didn’t want to disappoint all the people that have cheered and supported me.”

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