Domestic na Kanojo 216 Summary

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Natsuo is confused why she would say that when they were getting along just yesterday. 

Rui: “You said that you didn’t want to be a burden for me, but I’m the same.”

Rui heard from Serizawa how much Natsuo was suffering and that he contacted her because of it and after she heard that Rui was both hurt and sad. She felt that both of them have become a burden to each other. 

Natsuo doesn’t see why they have to break up because of this. He says that he has lost his writing and that the only thing remaining to him is Rui. 

Rui: “Natsuo…don’t say it like that.Even if you aren’t able to write anymore, I still like you a lot, but you know that I can’t fill that hole you lost from your writing right…? If our relationship doesn’t result into security but rather into irritation or guilt then it’s not to our benefit. We should return to a family again.”

They are now at the airport and Rui asks Natsuo to go buy a drink together. She returns the watch as they can’t spent their time together anymore but she asks if she can keep the necklace for protection. 

Rui thanks Natsuo for loving her and says that he will be fine.

Chapter ends.

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