Domestic na Kanojo 215 Summary

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Natsuo returns to his home and is told by Hina that Rui isn’t here. She asks if something has happened between them to which Natsuo shows a sad expression. 

Hina: “Ah…it’s okay if you can’t talk about it. She came back home crying so I thought that something must have happened.”

Rui is at the cafe and she talked to the master what happened yesterday. 

Rui: “I should actually have told him kinder words but…the person from his club acted like she knew more about Natsuo and I couldn’t endure it…I’m his girlfriend…”

The master tells Rui that she needs to be careful that her feelings are becoming more about an obsession and that may turn to the desire of becoming possessive. Rui says she doesn’t want become like that. 

Master: “Don’t worry. Ruirui is a kind person. The fact that you’re disappointed like this is the very proof that you love him. Apologize to him and talk to him then you will be able to return as before.”

They are all at home now and have dinner but Natsuo and Rui don’t talk to each other. Rui then comes to Natsuo’s room and ask if she can sleep with him.

Rui: “I’m sorry. I wanted to be kinder to you but I couldn’t…”

Natsuo: “I’m…I’m the one who wants to apologize…I’m sorry Rui….I’m sorry…”

Rui gives Natsuo a valentine chocolate and says that she is glad that she was able to give it to him. 

Rui: “Hey Natsuo. Let’s break up.”

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