Domestic na Kanojo 214 Summary

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Rui is excited about their reunion and holds two backs with ingredients, saying that she wants to make the food she learned there for Natsuo. She says she wants to do this and that, but meanwhile, Natsuo looks confused. Rui got 5 days of rest and she didn’t see any messages from Natsuo as she had turned on the airplane mode. 

Natsuo: “I thought you went on a date with someone else…”

Daniella lied to Natsuo that Rui went on a date with someone for this surprise. Rui realizes that Natsuo is wearing a coat and asks where he wants to go. He says that he wanted to meet his friend, but as it’s not a big deal, he will cancel it. But Rui realizes that he called Serizawa. She gets angry that Natsuo is hiding that from her. Natsuo argues back and says that she also let another guy into her room. Rui asks if he thinks it’s okay if someone is doing something like that, then it’s also okay for him to do that. Natsuo replies that if she wants to think like that, then it’s fine. 

Rui: “I thought it would make you happy…I’ve had enough!!” As she says that, Rui runs away. She runs towards the station but forgot her pass so she heads back to Natsuo’s room, but she feels awkward go back. At that moment, Serizawa appears. She tells Rui that Natsuo right now isn’t able to write anything. Rui is shocked after hearing that. She asks Natsuo if that is true. He answers yes and Rui is furious, saying that they promised they would tell each other about anything. Natsuo apologizes for his own weakness that he couldn’t tell her but Rui is too shocked and again walks away. She’s still crying and goes back to her home. 

Rui: “It wasn’t supposed to go like that…You told me…even if we are separate, that we are still one…”


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