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Chapter 213: “Nostalgic face”

It’s exam season and Natsuo’s friends say that they did badly and think they have to repeat their year like Natsuo. 

Natsuo: “Why are you dragging me into this!”

Friend: “I mean you were hospitalized last year and you were quite busy as well so you did badly on your exam as well right?”

Natsuo: “Turns out that I reviewed quite a lot!”

Friend: “That’s impressive. Weren’t you working for 2 jobs?”

But Natsuo has quit the 2 jobs and is solely focusing on his writing job. 

Friend: “You’re lucky that you’re able to make money through your writing.”

Natsuo makes a sad face as he still hasn’t told them that he’s unable to write at the moment. 

He’s now sitting by himself and Serizawa comes and asks if anything has changed with his writing since the last time they met. Natsuo has told anything even to Rui and he’s afraid if she will continue to love him without his talents. 

Natsuo: “I know that it’s for time like these that we’re supposed to rely on each other. But I don’t wanna be any deadweight forger…So I will wait for a bit till…”

Serizawa: “To me…tell me anything. Anything. You can tell me things like the uneasiness that you can’t talk to anyone about that.”

Natsuo and his friends are having dinner together and video call Rui. Daniella says that Rui will be going on a date and after Natsuo finds out, he’s speechless. They hold an emergency meeting and they say that Natsuo shouldn’t keep secrets to her. They tell him that he should talk to her about that as well as about Rui going on a date with someone. 

Rui: “Sorry about it. You’re in your vacation as well right…”

Kajita: “Don’t worry about it.”

Natsuo looks depressed and say that everything is going badly for him. Serizawa texts him saying that she saw him before and that he didn’t look to well. Natsuo seems like he’s calling her and they say they will meet up at a nearby cafe. As he’s going out of his room, someone rings the bell and Rui hugs him out of nowhere. 

Rui: “I’m back!”

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