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The nurse says that not much time should have passed since he has escaped. Hana asks what the big fuss is about considering he doesn’t have big illness. Natsuo confesses to Hana that he may have a serious illness. Natsuo and Hana head towards his house and they find a note with today’s date and several names. They assume that he went to those people to interview them. 

Natsuo: “Damn it…He’s still working with a condition like that…is he seriously planning to die…?“

Natsuo tells her that he doesn’t plan to undergo the surgery and that he considers it as his punishment. Hana grabs the note and says that she will go each place and that she wants to tell him something. 

Natsuo’s teacher just finished an interview and is outside and about to smoke but that moment, Hana slaps the cigarette out of his hands. 

Natsuo tells him that he actually wanted to be a good parent, but then he answers that he can’t face Hana because he wasn’t able to be a good parent. 

Hana: “You don’t need to worry about that! I don’t have a father!!“

Hana says that she has been reading his books and knows how beautiful and powerful his words are and that she has learned so much from his books. She also understands how he must have felt while writing his books. 

Hana: “As usual, I will continue to write interesting stories! And I sure will write better books than you! I don’t know whether it will be 5 or 10 years from now, but please read it. And make sure to tell me you opinion about them.”

He critiques her writing and gives her suggestions and says that at this rate he isn’t sure when the time will come that she will surpass him. “After receiving a fighting proclamation like that, I guess I can’t just retire so easily.” 

Natsuo’s teacher is now at the hospital and has already scheduled a surgery. 

Scene switches to Rui. Her roommate tells Rui that she’s always reading on her off days and that she should hang out with someone and that going out on a date ins’t cheating. 

Rui: “Don’t worry about it. I already have a date planned!”


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