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Chapter starts with a flashback of Hana’s childhood. She borrows a book from her friend, and is excited about it, saying that she has been waiting for her turn in the library, but it would never come. Her friend says that Hana can take as much time as she wants and she can return it anytime. But Hana asks if she can read it here since her mother hates books and gets annoyed if she finds Hana reading. Her friend’s father comes back, and Hana curiously looks at them. [Flashback over]

Natsuo is on an ambulance that carries Tougen. The doctor tells Natsuo that there’s suspicion that Tougen has cancer. Tougen says that he won’t undergo the operation, saying that this is his destiny. 

Tougen: “If you didn’t come, then I would’ve died. I was almost there. Even if I die, my way will be to hell anyway.”

Natsuo says that he just met his daughter, but Tougen has no intention to act like her father after all this time. Since the incident happened with his son, he considers this all as his punishment and will accept anything that happens to him. 

Natsuo texts Hana, writing that he needs to talk to her. Once they meet, Natsuo tells Hana that Tougen is her father.Hana is confused after hearing that. 

Hana: “My mother told me that he was an awful man who didn’t care for his family and it was because of him that my older brother died.”

She says that she isn’t sure if she wants to see him when he thinks about her mother. 


Hana: “On days off, he would take me many different places and after his work, he always brings us cake. After dinner, he also reads books for me. If I had a father, then I wish to have someone like that!”

Natsuo wakes up a text from Hana saying that she wants to see him after all. Hana explains that she read Tougen’s book again yesterday and she felt that Tougen wrote for the people in a weak position and to those that cannot raise their voice. It was almost like he softly pushed their shoulders. She thought that this means that Tougen also suffered. 

Once they arrive at the hospital, Tougen has vanished from his room.


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