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Natsuo asks his teacher if he knows Hana, but he denies it, and Natsuo asks why he would hug her like that then. 

Natsuo’s teacher: “Sorry…I feel a little ill. I will leave today.”

Next day, Natsuo visits his teacher and it’s as messy as usual. He plans to clean up before his teacher wakes up but then he steps up on something and his teacher is sleeping there on the ground. 

Natsuo’s teacher: “I have to admit that I also have to take blame for being so drunk that slept on the floor, but, what are you thinking to step on your veteran author’s ass like that.”

Natsuo: “That was a complete trap. You slept with all that trash!”

Natsuo asks about yesterday, but his teacher continues to insist that he mistook her for someone else. Natsuo doesn’t buy it since he even checked Hana’s kanji, and he hugged her after confirming it. Natsuo says that he saw an extremely face from him. 

Natsuo’s teacher: “You are worried huh…who thought that I still had someone that cared for me like that. I have never met her. But the moment I heard her name, I thought my heart was going to stop. She’s my daughter.”

Natsuo’s teacher explains that he used to have a wife once. As he became successful enough as a writer to support his family, was living with his 3 year old son and his pregnant wife. His son always wanted to play with his father, but he was always busy and couldn’t. His son liked to play with train toys, and is told to play somewhere else as his father is father. His son chooses to play outside of the house and sees a train running. As the next train comes running, his son walked towards the rail and gets struck. 

After that his wife filed for divorce and he knows only her name and had never met her. 

Natsuo is phoning with Hana and he says that his teacher hugged her because he wanted to congratulate her. Next day, Natsuo visits his teacher again, and he’s once again sleeping on the floor but this time he’s unresponsive. 

Chapter ends

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