Domestic na Kanojo 209 Summary

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Miyabi thinks it may just be a slump and that it’s not a good enough reason to quit the club. Natsuo says that he didn’t take it too seriously at the beginning. Flashback starts when he talked to his editor. The editor thinks at first that it’s because the publishing company took advantage of his situation for marketing purposes. Natsuo says that it bothered him at the beginning but the people around him cheered him up and he recovered quickly. He decided to continue writing, and as he attempts to write a new story, he imagines a man waiting for the train alone, and the image in his head slowly faded. And it turned blank. It’s the first time it happened and he doesn’t know what to do. He thinks he isn’t needed in the club anymore, but Miyabi says that no one is worthless in their club. 

Natsuo explains to his teacher that he cannot write anymore, and he answers that it’s not that rate in their industry. He tells him first to forget about it, and Natsuo surely doesn’t want to hate writing. 

Natsuo is at the ceremony Hana asked him to come. As Hana is receiving her award, Natsuo thinks, “If you were to take my writing away from me, then I would be a no-one…I wonder if I will get used to this sensation one day…”

Natsuo’s teacher came to the ceremony as well and Natsuo introduces Hana to him. As she tells her real name is Hana sakaki, Natsuo’s teacher ask how exactly her kanji is of her last name (Same names can have different kinds of kanji, as they can be differently written.) As he hears that, he hugs her and the chapter ends. 

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