Domestic na Kanojo 208 Summary

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Daniella continues her usual easy-going style and asks if his words mean that he actually wants to be misunderstood. Kajita says, “Should I have said, ‘Being misunderstood with such a woman is a burden to me’ or what?” Daniella and her boyfriend apologize and say they should eat pizza together. Rui apologizes to Kajita for her word choice just before and thanks him for fixing the mug, saying that it’s a blessing to have a reliable friend like him. 

Miyabi is in her room and looking depressed. She regrets her actions and doesn’t understand why did it. She had hoped that Natsuo finally showed some interest in her but then he came with his ex girlfriend, and she felt hopeless and was confused. 

Natsuo is meeting with his editor. The editor bows his head and apologizes to him, saying that he knew how he must have felt and regardless of the sale, he has been regretting it. He says that he thinks to quit his job because of it. He plans to become a free editor, so he won’t be bound by the firm’s decision anymore. Natsuo tells him not to do it, stating that he isn’t worth it. 

Natsuo is with Miyabi and he apologizes for not realizing her feelings. Miyabi asks why he came to their club room, and he says that he plans to leave the club and that’s why he came today to pick up his stuff. He says that he cannot write anymore.


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