Domestic na Kanojo 207 Summary

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Miyabi: “Even if I would perish, I wanted to stand on that stage. Even though I have no idea how to stand on that stage…I don’t care anymore…”

Natsuo and speechless and goes home with Hina. As he gets home, he sees a package from Rui. He finally realizes that Rui knew about Miyabi’s feelings. Rui talks with Hina and asks if something happened to Natsuo, but Hina says she doesn’t know.

Rui’s friend asks what is going on and she explains that since Christmas, Natsuo hasn’t been the same and wondered if something happened. Rui is at her workplace and gets called by the chief chef. He got a letter from a family that ate here during Christmas. She writes that her family had a wonderful time and were excited seeing the creative appetizer. As Rui and co. made that appetizer, the chief chef wanted to praise them.

Chief Chef: “This time your creative ideas and skills made that night special to many of our customers. Thank you.”

As Rui is going home, she says that something good finally happened. She was unlucky these days with Natsuo’s mug breaking. Kajita says he can fix it. Rui is impressed that Kajita can fix it. He was working at a restaurant before where they had to fix dishes so he acquired that skill there. Kajita asks if she wants to learn it too. To teach her Kajita holds Rui’s hands, and her roommate returns and thinks that they are having a persona time.

Rui: “You may want to make a big deal out of it to enjoy it yourself, but for us it’s nothing but trouble! Right Kajita?!”

Kajita: “Not really. I don’t really mind it.”


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