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Natsuo and Hina are eating, and she asks if she did do something after all. Natsuo asks why and she answers it’s because he avoids making eye contact. She asks what Natsuo is planning to do during winter break. He answers that he plans to work, help out his teacher, and go to a play of his friend. And that friend is Serizawa. Hina is excited to hear that as she has seen her before and was amazed by her, so she wants to go as well. Hina marks that day on the calendar and looks happy. 

Natsuo is at his college and Hana appears saying that her recent book won an award. But Natsuo’s reaction is weak and he explains that he expected of her. She asks Natsuo to come along at the award ceremony. Her mother is against the idea of her becoming an author and she doesn’t want to go by herself. Natsuo plans to solve the issue with Tsutaya till then. 

Natsuo and Rui are talking on the phone. He says that he wants to send her a christmas present and asks if she has any request, but she already got a necklace from him, so she says she doesn’t need anything. 

It’s the day of Serizawa’s play. At the end, she looks to the audience looking for Natsuo but she can’t find him. Natsuo did actually come and he sees Serizawa. She asks if he has time after this, saying that she wants to talk to him. And at that moment, Hina appears. 

Serizawa: (In place of your girlfriend, I wanted to be by your side…if you really came today, then I wanted to confess my true feelings. Am I not allow to share the same stage as you?)

Chapter ends with Serizawa kissing Natsuo out of nowhere.


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