Domestic na Kanojo 205 Summary

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Hina is half naked in Natsuo’s room, and he thinks that he’s dreaming about it. He wants to move on to his next dream, but he can’t. He realized that he isn’t dreaming. He’s concerned that she will catch a cold, and she will eventually die from the cold. He doesn’t want to look at her, so he looks at the other direction and wants to cover her top first, but then she makes some noises, and he expects that she woke up. But it turns out that he was grabbing her nipples. As he’s dealing with the situation, he gets a call from Rui. She forgot to ask about the book they were talking. 

He tries to make her wear underwear first, and he manages to do that. And now he wants to put the bra on her, but then Hina grabs him by his head. Natsuo tries to distract himself by thinking of unappealing people. He finally manages to put on the bra on her. He wonders where his phone went to, and at that moment, it starts to ring. It’s in Hina’s underwear. He realizes that when Hina turned over, his phone also got stuck between that area. Hina wakes him and can’t recall what happened yesterday. 

Hina goes to living room, and he sees Natsuo on the couch. She asks if something happened, and Natsuo says, “Something weird you ask…no….in one sense, I didn’t do anything…”

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